The History of the African American Midwife

Preserving the Legacy

This dynamic keynote serves as a valuable teaching medium, preserving oral traditions and serves to record past contributions and the trajectory of the Black and Soul Sistah Midwife as birth justice workers and revolutionaries to diverse the midwifery workforce, and political spheres as social activists to reduce infant mortality and improve birth outcomes in the Black community.

Shafia Monroe' s Presentation:

  • Investigates the work of the African American Midwife in improving birth outcomes.
  • Teaches the history and perspectives of the evolving Black midwife and the “Soul Sistah midwives”.
  • Helps participants list the contributions of the African American Midwife in improving the maternal and child health crises.
  • Explores the role of Black midwives in rural and urban communities and their evolution  shaped by human agencies and changing social norms.
  • Analyzes the effect of racism on traditional customs of the African American Midwives.

*Black is interchanged with African American.

In this program, Shafia shares her journey to becoming a renowned midwife of the 21st Century and “Queen Mother of A Midwife  Movement”.

 Importance of African American Midwives