Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH

Shafia Monroe Award RecipientShe is divinely guided; her words unite, motivate and empower the human spirit to embrace the best that one can offer and to act on it. Shafia Monroe is the founder of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) a renowned and respected international non-profit organization that increases the number of Black midwives and doulas to empower families to reduce infant and maternal mortality, and increase breastfeeding rates in communities of color; Shafia’s work, births change for better birth outcomes and capacity building in reproductive justice and maternal and child health.

During her many years of service, Monroe achieved significant accomplishments at ICTC, including establishing the organization globally; creating and delivering the culturally-specific ICTC Full Circle Doula program, and training and graduating over 1,600 ICTC doulas of color through that model; building a pipeline to increase the number of doulas and midwives of color; leading ICTC to become the first doula credentialing organization approved by the Oregon Health Authority; forming a coalition for legislative concept HB 3311 to investigate the use of doulas with vulnerable populations, leading to Oregon to become the first state to provide Medicaid reimbursement for doulas.

In 2014, she open Shafia Monroe Consulting, “Birthing Change” providing cultural competency training for working with diverse populations in maternal and child health, public presentation and capacity building.

Shafia receives numerous awards for her groundbreaking work and is featured in articles, documentaries and in a mural Women Making History in Portland, in Portland, OR. She mothers seven children and nine grandchildren. She gardens, writes, dances and cooks for family and friends. She mentors 1,000s of persons aspiring to midwifery and birth work.  Shafia says, “she will always stand in the legacy of the Black midwife as a revolutionary for birth justice to proclaim the benefits of midwifery care and the blessings of being a midwife.

Shafia contributes her success to her southern traditional practices, cultural competency, and her commitment to birth and reproductive justice.

"Shafia you empower your community so that their hopes and dreams can be realized. Thank you! Your courage paved the way for me to step out into my dreams." ~ Doula student, 2013