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Cultural Competency Training for Domestic
International Work
Childbirth Preparation Workshop

Women Led Childbirth Preparation Workshop

Take Out the Fear and Bring in the Fun 


A supportive environment where questions are addressed, along with any other concerns that may have developed from not knowing what to expect during and after birth. During this workshop, pregnant moms become prepared and empowered as they continue their personal journey through labor, birth and the postpartum period. 


Learn what to expect after the baby is born, including breastfeeding, baby care, and dealing with the emotional changes of new parenthood.


Workshop Topics Also Include:


During the course of 4 hours, participants will join together in a safe and uplifting environment and learn tools for a positive birth outcome and postpartum period.


 Cultural Competency Training


Working With Diverse Populations in Maternal and                                         Child Health

Cultural influences an individual’s health beliefs, practices, behaviors, and even the outcome of medical treatments. It's important that health care professionals expand their cultural understanding and strive to become culturally competent. 


A culturally competent health care professional can respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, in a manner that affirms the worth and preserves the dignity of individuals, families and communities.   This is essential for the optimal delivery of care in Maternal and Child Health.


To become culturally competent, one must challenge their comfort level by thinking critically about issues of power and oppression and advocating for systemic change for inclusion of all.


Participants will learn the importance of cultural competency and how to implement best practices to improve maternal and child health,  for better birth outcomes when working with diverse populations.


Core Competency Development Outline:


SELF-AWARENESS: Develop an understanding of cultural values and beliefs and its impact on health and health care delivery by first understanding your own.


CROSS-CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE: Learn how  beliefs, cultures and ethnic practices can influence health behavior and health status.


LANGUAGE DIVERSITy: Discuss and understand the importance of providing information, referrals and services in the language appropriate to the client as well as the provision of interpreters when needed.


DELIVERY OF CARE: Are culturally and linguistically appropriate and competent services, programs and interventions available in the communities you serve? Are such services, programs and interventions meeting the needs of the community of interest?


ADVOCACy: Increase skill set to include advocacy for public policies and programs that promote and support culturally and linguistically responsive services and the inclusion, representation and participation of individuals who reflect the diversity of our communities.


When:    Wednesday  May 13, 2015

Where:   Humboldt Gardens Opp Ctr

                5033 N Vancouver      

                Portland, OR 97217

Time:      10:00am-5:00pm/6 Hour Workshop 

Fit for:    Health Care Professionals/Doulas

Price:      $110.00 Per Individual

CEUs      DONA, ICTC  & MEAC Approved-Additional Fee



Couple-Led Childbirth Preparation Workshop

The Couple-Led Childbirth Preparation Workshop helps prepare the mother and her partner  for changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth.  The couple will prepare together by creating a plan specific to the mothers needs and the couples capabilities. Topics and out-line similar to that of the Women-Led Childbirth Preparation Workshop.


Child birth preparation information takes the fear out of labor and birth, provides information on what to expect and how to mamage the experience.




When:    By Appointment Only

Where: Portland, OR

Time:  10:00am-2:00pm or 3:00pm-7:00pm

Fit for: Those interested in a natural and empowering birth.

Price: $125.00/Private Classes Available

Instructors are certified, by Shafia Monroe Consulting

Leadership Development
African Head and Baby Wrapping

African Head and Baby Wrapping


Beautiful African Head Wrapping, with pride. Shafia leads an interactive and practical workshop on the art of African head and baby wrapping.  Experience the art of African head and baby wrapping by first learning basic and advanced techniques, the cultural, historical and medicinal aspects as well as the significance of symbols, colors and patterns.


Learn what fabric wraps best, what length and four difference style. How to book is included, fabric provided for practice and purchase.


Participants will have the opportunity to create head wraps from an assortment of materials and to practice the ancient tradition of baby wrapping styles from west African.     



Head Wrapping and Baby Trying Gatherings

Time: By appointment

Fit for:  All interested persons

Price: Individual and Group Rates.


Leadership Development

Leadership influences events and policies that affect our everyday lives. It is a key ingredient in the effectiveness and success of an organization as well as personal relationships and community development.  Understanding leadership enables one to interpret life events while developing leadership skills and qualities enables one to impact the environment around them as well as elevate the lives of others. 


Through a unique and highly interactive workshop, Shafia M. Monroe engages the particiopants with experiential activities, role playing, problem-solving and group exercises that empower build leadership skills.


You are a leader waiting to bloom!



When: Varies

Where: Varies

Time: Varies

Fit for: Adults/ Students/ Professionals 

Price: $250 +

Doula Ready. Ready When You Are!


Doula Ready professional services are a cohort of certified doulas, who meet the needs of the pregnant professional woman, with 24 hour available Doula Ready® services.  Pregnant professional women and new mothers need flexibility due to busy and often demanding schedules;   Doula Ready fulfills this options with available on call doulas, to provide labor support or postpartum care, with out prior registration.   Doula Ready can provide consultation and service one time, or throughout the pregnancy, with information to help you during your pregnancy, labor, birth and thereafter.  Doula Ready, LLC, provides evidenced based information for coping with  normal pregnancy discomforts, and helps with birth visioning exercises for labor management and the birth.


Doula Ready professional postpartum service will help with the physiological changes that occur in the six-week period after the birth,  breastfeeding and infant feeding support,  newborn care,  and other essential service to support adjusting to new parenting, including light housekeeping, food preparation, so mom and family can have time for bonding and self-care. 


What is a Doula?


The word doula is Greek and it means a woman’s servant.  In  America and in other parts of the world a doula  historically was the mother,grandmother, auntie, or any experienced female family member who helped  during your pregnancy,  labor, and after the birth for a healthy adjustment and nurturing. Today doulas are professionally trained, and studies confirm that a professional doula helps reduce Cesearean section, shorten labors, reduce medical interventions, and mothers and partners feel more satisfied with their experience with a doula present. 


Motherhood Is Special!


Doula Ready, Is Ready When You Are!