Motivational Speaker Shafia Monroe is the Full Package Keynote. Engage Shafia to present a keynote speech and let her captivate your audience and exceed your expectations. Shafia speaks on Birth Justice Movement, Importance of Cultural Competency, Infant Mortality Prevention, Birth Justice Movement, History of the African American Midwife, and Doulas as Community Health Workers.

Birth Justice Movement

In this keynote, Shafia presents the chronological order of the Birth Justice Movement from conception to present day.

Explore the historic and contemporary illustrations of reproductive justice, the parallels of the women’s movement and its relation to the shift of power from the matriarch to the paternal and ramification on women’s ability to embrace birth psychologically and physically.

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Infant Mortality Prevention

The infant mortality rate is two and half times higher in the African American community.


Shafia gives hope for change with clear visual definitions of the causes and solutions of infant mortality in the United States. Using peer reviews, proven interventions and documented models, a diagram is created to improve birth outcomes, at the advocacy and policy level.

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Cultural Competency Training in Maternal and Child Health

We live in a world full of diversity, which is exciting. Learning to become cultural competent is a requirement for professional engagement and personal satisfaction.


Working With Diverse Populations
in Maternal Childhealth

A culturally competent health care professional can respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, in a manner that affirms the worth and preserves the dignity of individuals, families and communities. This is essential for the optimal delivery of care in Maternal and Child Health. Learn the core principle of cultural competency and how to implement best practices to improve maternal and child health, for better birth outcomes when working with diverse populations.

Shafia is a “famous” midwife by the nature of her work, her contribution to the profession, and her presence as a motivator and forward-thinker and change-maker. ~Stephanie, FM Feminist Midwife/ Editor